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Words Can Inspire. And Words Can Destroy. Choose Wisely.

Nobody in his senses wants airplanes dropping bombs and poison gases upon his head; nobody in his senses wants slums, Tobacco Roads, and undernourished, ragged schoolchildren in a land of potential economic plenty. But bombs are killing babies in China … Continue reading

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Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

Live and Learn.  We All Do. Thanks for stopping by.  Please share 🙂 Please don’t forget to leave a comment.  

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Is This The Land History Promised?

Opportunity should not discriminate, the ball should bounce the same for everyone.  Worth should outshine color.  If we can be equals here – we can be equals everywhere. Equality has NO boundaries. #Nike Live and Learn.  We All Do. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Political Reforms Are Not Accomplished By The People But Through The People.

Akhenaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, born 1388 B.C., was the first man in recorded history to exemplify social consciousness in the administration of a great nation. He saw every living thing as having a divine right to live well, to hope … Continue reading

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Why Do I Exist?

The purpose of creation is a topic that puzzles every human being at some point in his or her lifetime. Everybody at some time or another asks themselves the question “Why do I exist?” or “For what purpose am I here … Continue reading

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The Greatest Advertising Trick Of All Time

Evian – Naive? The simplicity and ease of disposable bottled water has become the norm for most of us Americans.  The increasing dependency on bottled water may not have happened had our governments not neglected to preserve watersheds, and monitor … Continue reading

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A Story About Science, Knowledge, Democracy and Freedom Of Choice

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