Are You A Winner?

I am not using the word winner in a Lombardian sense that we probably know—that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Vince Lombardi never said, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” Although that is the quote most often attributed to him, his actual words were: “Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is.” All his life, Lombardi made that effort.You don’t need to win in order to be a winner. This statement would be incorrect if you seek something besides self-improvement.


Some people want to win the lottery while others want to win a gold medal. Some people want to gain control and others seek to acquire status or assets. Whether you know it or not, or like it or not, you are in a constant pursuit of a goal at any given time.

This can be consciously or subconsciously.

Most of the time, we attach a conscious goal to our quest for self-improvement. At the same time, there is always an underlying self-belief that is responsible for our subconscious self-sabotaging pursuit. Basically, we set goals with our conscious and we pursue with our subconscious. For some people, more often than you think, these are two completely separate things. You are just not aware of it.

There is a big difference between winning and growing.

How important is winning in the traditional sense of conquering the opponent? Success in business depends on a person’s ability to produce and perform better than others. Although idealists would have us believe that we can survive without being competitive, this idea is not consistent with reality.

Adults are expected to pay bills on time, fulfill obligations to family, friends, and business associates, and conform to certain requirements of society. Of course, a non-competitive person can reach high levels of performance in our society but these are exceptions rather than rule.

We must posses a certain amount of competitiveness to survive and get ahead.

But, a true winner is a person who plays up to his or her potential. A winner can be a child who almost caught a ball.   A winner can be the kid who lost a tennis match love six, love six, but hit the ball a little better than the last time out. Self- improvement is the essence of winning. If you improve, you will be on the road of the winner.

Winning is growing. Growing can only be possible if you have your best interest in mind and can only occur at your own expense. Growing is obtainable only when you take responsibility for your own actions and involvement. You don’t lose when you lose a fight. You lose when you fail to learn something about yourself.

You don’t lose when someone else is better than you. You lose if you’re not better today than you were yesterday. You don’t win when you become physically strong; rather you do when you learn how to use your strength. You’re not a better person just because you do good deeds; you are when you feel good about doing good deeds.

There’s a big difference between winning against others and winning against your subconscious sabotaging self-beliefs. There is a big difference between growing in your own eyes versus growing in someone else’s eyes. It’s not about what they think about you, it is what you think of yourself. By definition, self-improvement can only come from within, from your self. It’s self-validation you’ll need if you want to experience any growth and to notice any self-improvement.

De-emphasizing winning during childhood is not the same as abandoning excellence.

If you continue to progress, you will eventually out perform other people. For most of us, there will always be someone who can move better, hit the ball harder, putt with more accuracy, or lift more weight. But through practice, you can and will improve. If you shun something because you aren’t performing as well as other people, the only person you are cheating is yourself.

Winning is an important part of life. When you win you know you have performed well – or at least better than your opponent. However, the opponent you should concentrate on most is yourself.

Competing is a journey rather than a destination. Winning is acknowledging, not receiving. When you set a goal, make sure it has a healthy background and that it has your best interest in mind. You are more likely to spend more time pursuing your goals than actually enjoying your achievements.

Therefore, make sure whatever you are pursuing, practicing, or working towards brings you happiness and joy, or why do it? If it’s not self-improvement you are chasing, then what are you chasing? If you’re not doing it for yourself, then whom are you doing it for? If LATER is when you’re going to start living your LIFE, what is it that you’re enjoying right NOW? If it’s not YOU who’s responsible for your own improvement, happiness, and joy, then WHO is?

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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