Five Things To Know About Beta Glucan

Although there’s no secret formula for a lifetime of good health, scores of research show that one daily supplement comes close: Beta Glucan. Hugely beneficial but little known, Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide, or a carb consisting of bonded sugar molecules, made of glucose. Glucose activates immune cells, which then trap foreign substances that shouldn’t be in your body. Below are five basic facts you need to know about this effective supplement:

beta glucan

1. They’re Your Own Little Soldiers: Visualize that your immune cells are soldiers, and their job is to protect their homeland: your body. Beta Glucan can be thought of as your army’s General: the one who makes the decisions, trains its Immunocyte army, and then leads the attack on foreign pathogens. If you have a virus, for instance, Beta Glucan sounds the alarm to stimulate white blood cells to bind to the virus and destroy it. It’s important to have as strong an army – or immune system – as possible in order to fight off illness and prevent future diseases.

2. You Can’t Find it Everywhere: Unfortunately, Beta Glucan is not naturally occurring in the body, so the only way to get your hands on this incredibly important compound is through outside sources. Beta Glucan supplements can be purchased, and it can also be found in several common foods, including shiitake mushrooms, baker’s yeast, and cereal grains, like oats, wheat, rye, and barley. Think of it as another reason to eat your Cheerios.

3. …But They Are for Everyone: Because Beta Glucan is a lesser-known supplement, there exists the misconception that it’s not for everyone. Beta Glucan is, in fact, beneficial for all; however, until recently, it was not easily accessible to the public. Until six years ago, a 500mg bottle of the supplement could cost up to $60,000. Thankfully, recent advancements by A. J. Lanigan have lowered the price to $69.95. Today, whether you’re healthy or sick, it is recommended to take Beta Glucan every day.

4. It Can Help the Big and Small Infections: Having a stronger immune system means being able to respond better and faster to unknown pathogens in the body. This means that Beta Glucan, simply by strengthening the immune system, has the ability to battle bacteria, such as Staphylococcus or traveler’s diarrhea. In a 2008 study by the Montana Center for Work Physiology, it was shown that firemen given Beta Glucan had far fewer upper respiratory tract infections than those given a placebo. It’s also been reported to help with cancer and high cholesterol.

5. No Negative Side Effects: We know it sounds nearly too good to be true, but it’s been proven time and time again that Beta Glucan is safe and non-toxic. Multiple studies examining organs, tissues, and even brain function have shown that Beta Glucan only has positive effects. In fact, even people who were taking higher than recommended doses displayed zero side effects. There is no possibility of over-stimulating the immune system, nor is it unsafe to combine Beta Glucan with other prescribed medications. As Lanigan said, “Unless you hit somebody in the eye with the bottle, there is no harm that can be caused by this product.”

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