Nothing Can Cure The Soul But The Senses

It is generally acknowledged that we human beings have five sensory perceptions: Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.


These senses are bridges between our external world and the reflective centers of the human soul. In their natural functions all these sense perceptions are constructive, helping us to understand the nature and substance of the environment in which we exist. All of the perceptions contribute to the health of the body and the normal functions of the nervous system.

In our current materialistic world we are suffering from a greatly intensified pollution. Almost every aspect of our daily living is affected, resulting in increased physical illness and social confusion. Most present-day physical pollution is due to overpopulation and the inability to dispose of toxic wastes. And, every effort to rid the world of contaminated substances up to now has been largely ineffective.

Short Film: “Assault on the Senses”

The most dangerous waste of today is associated with nuclear weaponry, but over the years industrial waste has also become more and more dangerous. Chemical waste receives some consideration, as evident of the Honest Company’s success, but that which is due to other types of pollution is passed over lightly or with unrealistic optimism.

Why do we assume all things will be solved by time? At this present moment in time the passing days and years are adding to the dilemma and anxiety is now at an all time high.

If we follow the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below,” we see the world around us gradually deteriorating as a result of pollution. But, we still have no practical way of remedying the situation without a disastrous collapse in our standards of living. And, what’s worse, we are in no way inclined to curb our own propensities for freedom of action.

As the human body is a little planet, it is a miniature of the outer world and is also exhibiting serious evidence of pollution. Perhaps, on the physical level we are attempting to improve nutrition; but we are told, without the additives, preservatives, and chemical substitutes there would be grave difficulty in providing the food necessary to feed the population explosion. Whichever way we turn we find ourselves in danger of creating two difficulties for the one which we have found a partial solution.

The sober, hard to hear truth is we actually do not want to be reminded that we have created a way of life dangerous to our own survival. While toxic waste may bring us obvious sickness and interfere with our pursuits, we only make a half-hearted effort to remedy its deadly effects.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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