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I Finally Get It Mom, I Miss You….

Live and Learn. We All Do. Thanks for stopping by. Please share šŸ™‚ Please don’t forget to leave a comment.Ā 

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Calling All Moms! It’s Time To Take Back The Truth

Fraud. A powerful accusation, sensational, provocative. When we think of fraud, what comes to mind? Images of avarice-driven men putting their greed before the best interest of a larger population. Does it feel different when it is a woman behind … Continue reading

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Training Think Tank Upgrades Your Understanding

I wish I could go back in time and count the number of times I have heard a clichĆ© generalization like ā€œno pain, no gainā€ in my tenure as an athlete, a member of a seminar, or an observer of … Continue reading

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It Is Time To Ask The Hard Questions For The Sake Of Our Children.

I read with great interest the recent ā€˜measles epidemicā€™ articles that addressed the vaccine debate from the point of view of a cancer parent. My interestĀ is the result of being a cancer parent myself ā€“ my little girl has been … Continue reading

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