‘Tis The Season Of Sobriety

This is a freelance article by Helen Norton

Christmas is just around the corner now and the party season is already in full swing. Whether it’s office parties, family gatherings or new years celebrations, the chances are many people will increase their alcohol intake over the festive period. For most, this won’t cause any lasting damage but for people with existing alcohol problems it can be a common time for relapse and risking over indulgence.


Not only that, but one report links alcohol with statistics that put Christmas and Thanksgiving amongst some of the most dangerous holidays of the year. With this in mind is it really necessary to drink heavily this year? Sure it might be nice to enjoy some festive fizz and a toast with your turkey but there are plenty of ways to enjoy a sober season and still have a great time. Here are some reasons why cutting out alcohol this Christmas could give you a new lease on life  and make you merrier than ever.

No hangovers

Roughly 75% of drinkers are thought to experience some hangover symptoms after bingeing on alcohol. If this includes you then you will be familiar with the headache, dizziness and nausea (often caused by dehydration as alcohol is a diuretic) that you may experience the morning after the night before. Many people also experience mild depressive symptoms on these ‘booze comedowns.’ Doesn’t sound very merry does it? For every night you spend drinking the chances are you’ll waste a day, or at least a morning, feeling ill, tired and blue. That time during the festive period that could be better spent enjoying yourself.

Save money

Those Christmas nights out really do add up financially. Take into account the cost of your cabs, post-alcohol takeout, the drinks themselves and any other poor spending choices you may make under the influence and you will find those dollars racking up. Then there’s the added cost to your shopping cart as you stock up on wines, spirits and beers for the family at home. Christmas is already an expensive time of year so why not cut out one unnecessary cost and encourage those around to you opt for alcohol free wine, cheap soft drinks or better still, a free tap water so that you can all put the money to better use – think extra gifts or even a family meal out sans the cocktails.

Be more productive

Around the festive period we spend a lot of our free time socializing and this often includes dining, drinking and not much else. Of course Christmas is a great time of year to catch up and spend time with family and friends but don’t feel pressured to attend every single social engagement going – there will be many of them. Instead spend your time more productively. Take on a project such as clearing out your old junk to make room for this years gifts. You could even donate any unwanted toys or clothes to a homeless shelter to try to help someone else have a happier Christmas. Or why not set about making some handmade cards, gifts or Christmas baking? Ultimately you will have more to show for your time than a sore head and this will improve your morale and Christmas spirit too.

Look better

Christmas time is often a time for indulgence and unsurprisingly the average American will put on weight during the festive period as they load up on comforting carbs, sumptuous sides and sweet treats. Alcohol is also responsible for bumping up your calorie intake so cutting it out can be a good way to try to keep weight gain to a minimum and reduce cellulite which experts believe is worsened by the toxins in alcohol. Aside from that, alcohol can dehydrate the skin and deprive it of vitamins and nutrients which may lead to a breakout of spots – not a good look for the office party – and can also give you bad breath and bloodshot eyes.


This is all before you lose you inhibitions and begin dancing drunk on tables. Trust us, the best look this season is sober.

New years resolutions

It’s never too early to begin your new years resolutions and if staying sober is something you’d like to take into the new year then getting through Christmas is the ultimate test. During the holidays everyone seems to drink a little more so the temptation is greater and attitudes are more relaxed. If you can abstain through this period then you have a much higher chance of sticking to your resolution come January and with that you can enjoy the perks of sobriety – good looks, better health, productivity, more cash and a general new lease of life – all year-long.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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