Are You A Governor Or A Tyrant?

It is not so easy to fathom the mysteries of Deity or the Holy Scriptures. Despite what current experts, such as Oprah believe, it really is not within everyone’s capacity to understand the universe and all of its mysterious workings. But when these things are brought together in a little model, a miniature of the whole, they are available to us every day in every walk of life.


They are closer to us than physical relationships that can exist because they are part of ourselves. By exploring the little universe ourselves we not only become more aware of the greater universe, but aware also that this greater universe is also within us.

All the great principles of truth, all the great wisdom of the ages, all the great spiritual revelations are brought downward in a mysterious way and locked within the body of a human being.

Many ancient religious, including those of ancient Egypt, India and China based much of their philosophy upon the human body. They did not refer to this directly, but they compared various parts of the human body with universal procedures and found that the analogies were accurate, inevitable and true.

Under these conditions we find that the body is divisible into systems and parts. These systems or parts are created to make possible the compound function of man. The human being as a body is a commonwealth, the most magnificent example of cooperation that exists to our knowledge or understanding.

There is cooperation in the parts of the body, which we have never been able to find in human society. This cooperation means that all parts are working together for the common good. This is something we know is necessary but we have never been able to take this great truth and expand it into our collective existence.

Nothing in the body is indispensible; all sections, parts, elements, and degrees of bodily existence are in a magnificent homogeneous pattern working together forever. Discord is artificial to them.

The body in a sense is analogous to humanity. It gives us an understanding of the relationship of parts to the whole. Within the body of man there are more separate living entities than there are creatures upon the surface of the earth. Not only is this true of human beings, but of every form of life that exists.

With the human body, however, is a far greater assembly of life than can be found anywhere else. Some of these units are so small that we cannot see them. Because they sometimes are born and die within a few hours, and because they are so completely involved in the structures, which they nourish and sustain, we lose sight of the fact that we are not one being alone, but that the human body is a field of evolution for millions and billions of living things.

Everyone therefore has his or her own kingdom, an empire over which he rules. He can be a good ruler or a tyrant. He can serve this body’s needs properly or he can use it to exploit its resources for the advancement of his ambitions or his own self-centeredness.

If they do this they are a bad governor, and as a bad governor they will ultimately be deposed, as we see around us today in society, where one tyrant after another loses power, revolution after revolution upsets the earth, one tyranny is largely supplanted by another.

This is bad government, contrary to the magnificent cooperation, which makes up the human being himself.

Beyond doubt we must live together in peace or the common body will perish, and any disturbance, which is neglected – any misunderstanding or misinterpretation which is allowed to continue will produce within the body the same anarchy that it produces politically in society. We are our brother’s keeper in a sense; certainly we are the keeper of the life that has been given to us.

If we are gods in the making it is time for us to make good our kingdom right here where it is. That begins by the proper understanding of what constitutes a normal, proper relationship between governing and governed.

The governing in man is not perfect either. We are all growing and unfolding creatures, releasing little by little the divine potential, which is within us. We may not always be able to be the wisest of governors, but we do have a responsibility to make a good try.

The information necessary to help us to be good rulers is available to us largely through consideration of the human body. Beneath the skin there is one of the most complex and magnificent structures that can possibly be imagined and we have not recognized it as a symbol of the larger world in which we live.

Today there is a great crisis in the world. There is a lack of cooperation, lack of dedication, lack of the realization that humanity is a body and that this body is ensouled. The corruptions by which human beings relate to each other cause world sickness just as they cause confusion within the body itself.

If we pause for a moment we can recognize that in the human body is revealed a triune deity, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, a power of wisdom, strength, and beauty – a power to create a power to rule and wisely govern, that which is created, and a power to constantly improve the quality of creation.

These are things are part of man’s own structure, not something written in the clouds on the sky but in the daily experience of people.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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