And You Thought Climate Change Wouldn’t Have An Impact


Five years ago Al Gore predicted the polar Ice-Caps would be gone by now.  We still didn’t change our ways.  Now it’s snowing in Cairo, Egypt.

Global warming, global cooling, whatever point you want to argue – today extreme weather swings are the norm.  Many say that this snow fall is enough to argue against the case of global warming and that it still isn’t scientifically proven.


But, let’s be clear, it takes more than just cold weather to produce snowfall. It also takes precipitable water. In other words, moisture in the air. Cairo exists in a desert so for it to snow there it has to be more than just colder than normal to do so. It also has be a wetter than normal environment as well. What we are witnessing across our planet is more extremes in weather patterns (floods, droughts, heat waves and cold snaps, as examples) than had been the previous norm.

As warming increases, record snowfall will tend to increase in areas/at times that are still cold enough to snow, because warmer air holds more moisture than cooler air. You’ll tend to get the most snow when it’s just barely cold enough to snow rather than rain. It may seem counterintuitive, but that doesn’t make it false.

Now this is new ????...#snow #cairo #egypt #africa #unbelievable

How often do you see palm trees and snow in the same picture?

As one person stated on Twitter “a camel in the snow is like a polar bear in the desert.”

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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