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Let’s Ask Again, Who Runs The World?

A wise man once told me that the man is the head, while the woman is the neck.  And a woman has the power to turn the head of the man in any direction she chooses. While I love Beyoncé … Continue reading

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Christmas Caught Between Cultures

As John Stewart says, Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday.  Even as a Muslim you can’t help to be enamored by the twinkling lights and cheerful, giving spirit that sweeps across the US during Christmas.  There is just something about December. … Continue reading

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And You Thought Climate Change Wouldn’t Have An Impact

Five years ago Al Gore predicted the polar Ice-Caps would be gone by now.  We still didn’t change our ways.  Now it’s snowing in Cairo, Egypt. Global warming, global cooling, whatever point you want to argue – today extreme weather swings are … Continue reading

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Men Are Like Steel. When They Lose Their Temper, They Lose Their Worth.

There certainly is no shortage of parenting books out there.  These books show you the latest and greatest tips for everything from getting your baby to sleep through the night to good behavior in general.  And, so often I am … Continue reading

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We Simply Cannot Afford To Forget That Nature Is Sexist.

Ok. I don’t like to come off as critical or judgmental but this topic, I believe, deserves some second thought. As one of the most powerful and richest women in the world Oprah’s statement that she has no regrets having … Continue reading

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If The Only Prayer You Ever Say In Your Entire Life Is Thank You, It Will Be Enough.

Does it seem strange to anyone else but me that the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. is the day after Thanksgiving? It’s kinda like we’re saying, “Let’s get this giving thanks stuff out-of-the-way and focus on … Continue reading

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