Aim High And Aspire To Inspire

The Spartan Race has partnered with NBC Sports Group to chronicle the amazing people and stories behind the race series and the World Championship, culminating in a 90-minute TV special that will air on the NBC Sports Network on December 7, 2013.

From the best athletes to the weekend warrior who just loves to run, jump, climb and play. We know they’re out there.  Competitors are traveling thousands of miles to tackle a gauntlet of exciting obstacles, including throwing spears, leaping through fire, aerial traverses over water, challenging rope climbs, and barbed wire crawls.


Spartan Racing serves as a catalyst and constant motivator to maintain a high-level of fitness as well as encourage others to get off their asses and do something they never imagined.

It has been central to every religious tradition. It forms the foundation of all great mythologies. In all cultural systems, sooner or later the human enters on the stage of existence. Then things become different; something not altogether explicable happens. There is a stirring, a shaking, a “never-again-the-same” quality as life takes on purpose and meaning.

There are countless stories of Spartan Race changing lives physically, mentally and emotionally. I know countless people who have left their stressful, miserable desk job for something more in tune with what they love. What they are passionate about.

The pathway to such transformation lies in the willingness of each one of us to plunge into the mysterious depths of our own human identity. This process—as we shall see—has been well-defined in every tradition and mythology. It is the age—old hero (or heroine) quest of the encounter with the dragons of the psychic realm, the shadows and complexes about which contemporary psychology has so much to say.

In religious terms, it is spoken of as liberation, salvation or enlightenment. It involves the redemption of the human spirit, the liberation of the one true Self that ever abides in all beings.

According to Laurens van der Post, Dr Carl Jung once said: “The core of the individual is a mystery of life, which is snuffed out when it is ‘grasped’….True understanding seems to me to be one which does not understand, yet lives and works . . .”

It is by living and working that we ultimately define ourselves as human. It is through this process that we come to know ourselves as truly human.

To obtain life in human form is said by the Buddhist to be the greatest privilege.  But just what can be meant by such statements? What is it to be human?

To approach an understanding of our human identity, we may begin by acknowledging the various facets that compose our individual identity. We have physical bodies with their unique characteristics; we have feelings, thoughts, and aspirations. In times of deep inner reflection, moreover, we have an awareness of something more: something beyond yet near; something neither wholly of ourselves nor wholly other; something indefinable yet real and true.

The battleground is the field of conscious choice. This is the road we will travel. For indeed there is a road.  Though it “is steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind,” it is still a road, “and it leads to the very heart of the Universe.” To travel on that road is to risk all, but this is the glory and the agony of the human journey.

Life is constantly changing. Seasons change and despite the myth, people do change. Making the decision to change the direction of your life is the first step to living.

It is a choice you must make everyday until you reach your goal. Humans are creatures of habit. When you feel “stuck” it’s because you’re resisting change. Embrace change and take your life in directions you never imagined.

The trick with manifestation is not to talk about it, but just to do it. You can tell everyone your plan, you can ask the universe to support you, you can even hold a special fire ceremony to usher it into realization, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t do it into being.

The beginning to any life-changing journey is never easy. The effort to get started and keep going during the first few weeks is always difficult because we battle our own negativity.

It’s amazing how many lives Spartan Race has touched so deeply. We all know the story of Chris Davis, he moved up to Vermont gave up everything and lived on carrots and lettuce for weeks doing whatever madness Joe DeSena may have put him through. He’s come an extraordinarily long way and it’s been beyond inspiring to see him fight and push forward. He’s a motivator, he’s a Spartan.

There are many ways to achieve spiritual wellness; one way is by developing a set of guiding beliefs. The Spartan code shares common values that are embraced by people worldwide. People with emotional wellness control their emotions; express them appropriately, control things in their direct control and don’t sweat the small stuff. Once an individual has accomplished a seemingly unattainable physical feat, the small stuff just doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Only when we bring our outer nature into an orderly and silent state, can we hear the whispers of truth that come from the realm of the Spirit.

You need to look deeply and honestly – and enlist the help of others – to find your extraordinary innate gifts. I believe that in these gifts, given in service to others, you will find your true personality, a dependable source of inspiration and a long-term vision for your life.

If you want to find a calling, you’ve got to be willing to look deep inside yourself – to face questions about what matters most to you and what’s kept you from getting it, questions you may have neglected or avoided.

Physical activity should be part of daily life.  For the people who are looking for the “magic bullet” or “fountain of youth” they can stop because it has been in front them the whole time. It is exercise. People need to move out of their comfort zones, explore new horizons, and challenge themselves mentally.

aim_high_poster-r74f410ee357a46bdacfca3aa10692fa4_fpae_8byvr_512The Spartan Race isn’t just an obstacle course, it covers every aspect of life and really transforms us into better humans.  Keep pushing, keep growing……Aroo, Aroo, Aroo!  It’s your turn, get signed up today!  (use code BOP2014947)

For a list of events, click HERE.  

Live and Learn. We All Do.

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