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All of nature is interconnected. Our cells perceive our thoughts and emotions, and our thoughts and emotions have an electromagnetic frequency vibration so as the flow of energy moves through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies our cells and the electromagnetic field around our cells change. Einstein’s relativity theory is a realization that matter and energy are interchangeable.  Mass is nothing but a form of energy.  Matter is simply slowed down or crystallized energy; therefore proving our bodies are energy!


No matter how large or small the particles are, everything in or around us is made up of energy.  Our bodies are the energetic vehicles to these vibrations or energetic frequencies.

Energy vibrates and moves at different speeds.  The thoughts we think and the words we say all convey energy.  A thought would be an example of a quick vibration, which could be easily changed.  On the other hand something that has more density, a rock for example, has a slower vibration and would take longer to change.

Energy can be positive or negative energy and it has the potential to affect how our day proceeds; smoothly or with challenges and struggles, with health or disease.  Oftentimes we are not even aware of how powerful we are as energy attractors and distributors.

All energy follows the basic laws of movement.

“It’s All About Vibration”

Movement in essence is all about vibration, according to one of the oldest laws on record, The Law of Vibration. This law states that nothing rests, everything moves, and everything vibrates. This old Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago by the masters of ancient Egypt.

The law of vibration explains that the differences between different manifestations of matter, energy and even spirit, result largely from varying rates of vibration.

From the All(orSource) that is thought of as pure spirit, down to the grossest (solid) form of matter, all is in vibration — the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. It seems strange that over 10,000 years later a scientist named Albert Einstein said the same thing indicating that all energy reached a vibratory rate faster than even the speed of light. E=mc2. Matter is energy and energy is matter.

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression at least once or twice before as well — “birds of a feather flock together.” It’s another way of saying “like attracts like.” It is this principle, which restated says “that which is like unto itself is drawn,” that the law of attraction is based on. Upon passing glance it may seem like this adage, “like attracts like,” flies directly in the face of the scientific law “opposites attract.” In actuality however, the two principles compliment each other very well. They are two pieces of one overall truth. To understand how this is possible you have to develop an understanding of what opposites really are.

There’s an axiom I’d gamble to say you’ve probably heard at least once or twice before –“opposites attract.” This is not just an old hand-me-down expression. This particular adage is actually backed by scientific observation. Anyone who’s ever gone through middle school science has learned about the properties of magnets. We’ve all done the experiments designed to teach us that every magnet has two poles — a positive pole and a negative pole.

Place two magnets in close proximity to each other and something interesting happens. If two like poles of each magnet (the negative and the negative or the positive and the positive) are oriented towards each other, the magnets repel from one another. On the flip side, if the opposite poles of each magnet (the negative and the positive) are oriented towards each other, the magnets attract one another. Hence opposites attract.

It’s not just an old expression, its basic scientific law.

The World Book Dictionary defines “opposite” as “different in direction as can be; contrary.” But opposites, while contrary in degree, are always like in kind. Only two related or corresponding things can be opposites. For example, the opposite of big is small. Big and small both refer to relative degrees of size. They are like qualities. It would not be true to say, for instance, that the opposite of big is low because the quality of big and the quality of low do not directly relate to one another.

This concept of what opposites really are is summed up quite nicely in the book “The Kybalion: The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece” by the “Three Initiates.” In part the explanation goes “like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.” In the Kybalion this is referred to as the “Principle of Polarity.” Take the example of hot and cold, for instance. Even with the aid of a thermometer it is impossible to identify the point where heat ceases and cold begins. It’s all just a relative degree of one overall thing — temperature. Run this experiment with any pair of opposites — light and dark, east and west, soft and hard, and so on. There is no way to distinguish the exact point where one property ceases and its opposite begins because it’s all the same thing, it’s just different and extreme degrees of that one thing.

Once this deeper understanding of the nature of opposites is grasped you come to realize that when opposites attract what’s truly being attracted is simply a different degree of itself. So you see both statements — “opposites attract” and “like attracts like” — really are just two pieces of one overall truth.

In applying this understanding to the law of attraction, your mental creations (your thoughts) attract your physical experiences because the mental plane is really just a higher degree of the physical plane. As the famous psychic Edgar Cayce used to repeatedly profess, “Thoughts are things.” They are a higher degree of materiality.

Consider this excerpt from the book “Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism” written by Yogi Ramacharaka in 1903:

We wish the student to particularly understand that when we say “Thoughts are Things,” we are not using the words in a figurative sense or in a fanciful way, but that we are expressing a literal truth. We mean that thought is as much a “thing” as is light, heat, electricity, or similar forms of manifestations. Thought can be seen by the psychic sight; can be felt by the sensitive; and, if the proper instruments were in existence, could be weighed… It is like a thin vapor (the degree of density varying), and is just as real as the air around us…

It may be necessary for you to fix this fact in your minds by picturing the mind as sending forth thought emanations… think of thought emanations as akin to the steam being projected from a boiling tea kettle.

Modern day science does not back up this assertion about the nature of thought. But then modern science has yet to fully delve in and explore the question of what exactly the nature of thought is. So this statement, “thoughts are things” can reasonably be regarded as a working hypothesis.

You attract to your life experience people and situations that provide you with the opportunity to manifest your thoughts in action. You attract to your life experience physical expressions that figuratively embody your mental conceptions.

Think of your thoughts as the positive end of a magnet, and physical manifestation as the negative end of a magnet. Your physical reality is just a lower vibration of your mental reality.

And reality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

It’s a relative thing. We all experience life in different ways. Your reality is somewhat different than my reality, his reality and her reality because we all create our own experiences in life based on how we choose to perceive life. Reality, in one respect, is subjective. It’s dependent upon the person thinking as opposed to the thing being thought of.  In other words, your reality is what you make of it.

Sometimes people argue, “…I’m only telling you what-is. I’m only facing the reality of the situation.” And to that we say you were taught to face reality before you knew you were creating reality… do not face reality unless it is a reality you want to create – for any “reality” only exists because someone has focused it into being. Someone will say, “But this is a true thing, and therefore it deserves my attention.” And we say that you make whatever you give your attention to… your Truth.

You may think opposites attract when it comes to finding the perfect partner – but  in fact, the opposite is true.

Law of attraction is always working. It is just that some confusion exists about how it works. A deeper understanding is needed to know why we’re getting what we don’t want and how to change it to get what we want.

Like attracts like according to our dominant vibrations. Another way of saying this is we attract according to our beliefs. Law of Attraction is not working according to our thoughts, wants or desires UNLESS our beliefs and dominant vibrations are in harmony with them. When we see someone attracting a particular situation, we can never know what their vibration is on the subject.

So if we have a desire, but our dominant beliefs or thoughts are of lack, then we get lack. This is an appearance of opposites but it is actually like attracting like. If we want a relationship, but our dominant belief is that we are unworthy, either we don’t get a relationship, or we get one that makes us feel unworthy. If we have a strong belief in difficulty and struggle, we may sometimes get what we want and lose it. When we want wealth and financial ease but we constantly think about how much we want it and don’t yet have it, we draw to us experiences of lack and frustration.

Our dominant vibe may not be what we think it is. Often we are too close to it to see it for the belief that it is. Our beliefs are transparent to us; we act through them as if we are looking through a dirty pane of glass. Often, we take our dominant vibes as reality and we act on these beliefs without realizing how strongly we are influenced by them.

Remember: beliefs are ideas about reality, not reality itself. With awareness we can see these beliefs for what they are and not the ‘reality’ that we take for granted.

Our dominant creating mechanism is moving toward wholeness. We and I include all consciousnesses on earth – are always moving toward greater self expression and greater expression of Source through us. So whatever we vibrate is what we get more of. We get to CHOOSE whether our self expression will be joyful or limiting.

Affinity is the mind’s law of attraction, and that we gravitate to where we belong is a truth recognized by proverbs of every country. “Like attracts like,” “Birds of a feather flock together,” “Water finds its own level,” “Show me your company and I’ll tell you what you are,” all have reference to this universal law, for the mind is a magnet and draws to itself all things of like nature. We cannot attract that for which we have no inner response, no more than the needle of the compass can point in any direction except north.

If one attracts undesirable people or uncongenial conditions, he should give himself a careful analysis and find out why he attracts them. Often the cause will not be visible on the surface; its manifestation may greatly surprise him; but somewhere in the subconscious mind the seed was sown and this must be uprooted before any outer change can occur.

So the question always arises: Why do positive poles of a magnet repel and opposite poles attract? A magnet is a device that allows the flow of magnetic energy. That is its ‘wholeness’. Two positive poles together don’t allow this flow. Consequently they don’t create a ‘wholeness’ for the magnet. A positive and a negative allow the magnet to express it’s fullness as a ‘being’ that flows of energy. When two or more magnets are placed end to end, they create an even bigger magnet. Self expression at its greatest.

Two similar energies do not create harmony or a chord. Two similar energies are just more of the same – there is no contrast that creates beauty, pattern, or energy. For balance, there has to be an up and a down. Even light only appears in relation to its lack and a vibrating wave has both an up phase and a down phase – not just an up.. A victim has a need to feel victimized. Another victim would not fulfill the need. An aggressor has a need to be aggressive toward a person with a victim consciousness. Two aggressors cancel each other out.

Remember, in elementary school, as soon as someone stepped up to the bully, he’d stop being a bully and they often ended up as friends?
The mystery of ‘like attracts like’ might be better expressed as complementary energies coming together to create a ‘whole’. Consider it as polarities rather than opposites. Think of a lock and key, or a hand and glove or a hotdog and bun. So with greater wholeness as the objective, it can sometime appear that opposites attract, when actually it is all for the greater expression of the One.

The Law of Attraction is always at work. Your life is influenced by your individual state of mind. So think good feeling thoughts.

Live and Learn. We All Do.

Thanks for reading. Please pass this on to someone who means something to you.

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