First Do No Harm….Who Says?

When medical students graduate from medical school, they take an oath—the Hippocratic oath—in which they solemnly swear, above all, to use their best judgment in treating their patients. Doctors hold this oath as sacrosanct; they regard upholding it as morally mandatory, and violating it as out of the question.

The oath establishes that the practitioner of medicine give deference to the creators, teachers, and learners of medicine. This ensures that the practitioner does not forget his place in the long line of tradition in health. The oath serves as a contract for doctors to work towards the benefit of the health of the public. Other important tenets include maintaining the integrity of the doctor, ensuring the consent of the patients, preventing the exploitation of the patient, maintaining privacy and discretion, and forbidding deadly drugs, abortions, and the act of playing god.

When Balance is Lost Health is Lost

One of the most important ideas codified in the Hippocratic oath is that the physician is accountable for his actions should problems arise. Additionally, it is important for me to note that the Hippocratic oath has an extremely individualistic perspective. The oath provides ethical guidelines for a singular doctor-patient relationship as opposed to a collective ethics code. This individualistic approach to ethics completely changed after the medical experiments of World War II were discovered.

Politicians’ efforts to impose government-run health care include their goal of “guaranteeing” health care to everyone. But whenever the government attempts to “guarantee” health care, it must also control the costs of that service—which means, it must dictate how doctors may and may not practice.

If you don’t have a doctor who inspires you – find one!

We can all see that several plants growing in the same soil will develop differently according to their natures. Some will have red blossoms, and others white.  Some will have fragrance, and others have no odor, or possible an objectionable one.  It is the nature of the plant that determines what it takes from the soil, and it is the nature of US as humans that determines what we will derive from “Universal Nutrition.”

We cannot save ourselves from the physical consequences of neglecting our bodies, disregarding our needs or living contrary to the rules governing the distribution of Universal Energy.

Once a person is sick and has endangered their bodily economy, every possible and reasonable means, scientific or unscientific should be made available to the patient, to assure and hasten their recovery.

One of the first factors in the restoration of health as human beings is a firm and simple faith.  Faith is a real and vital aid to health.  While it may not be so regarded by many practitioners, it is a scientific “fact” in NATURE; otherwise it could not be successful.

We need to emphasize the healing power of prayer, which is also a scientific “fact.”  Prayer is a positive and objective statement of conviction, and is naturally associated with a strong and  sufficient faith.  In prayer, thoughts of words stimulate the mind and the emotions with noble sentiments, and encourage the realization that God is the Great Physician.

We know today that sickness may result from the introduction into the body of various impurities, poisonous or hurtful substances, even including drugs and medications for the alleviation of disease.  Nutrition and health habits are also included and are classified under sanitation, hygiene and eugenics.  In other words, the misuse or abuse of anything in itself good and proper can end in misfortune.

Over exertion, exposure to the extremes of the elements, disregard of warning symptoms or addiction to ill habits such as intemperance, will work hardships on our health.

According to some, sickness always arises from disobedience to the divine and natural laws which relate to health.  The loss of health is due to a failing away from the necessary harmony by which we as human beings share in a universal life principle.  We cannot be sick, if we except injuries and accidents.  This does not eliminate the reality of death.

The search must continue until proper medications of a non-destructive nature have been found for all physical ills.  The tendency is for the physician to overlook natural remedies because they are too obvious and too simple.

We are responsible for the use of our energy.  Wrong physical habits will result in the corruption of natural processes and ultimately endanger life.  Good thoughts, good words, and good deeds help to maintain  health or restore it if it has been lost.

We must accept that the physical conditions of human existence are not the whole of the human problem.  We are physical that is obvious; we we are also mental, and emotional; we are spiritual and we have a soul.  These latter factors are not so obvious and what to do about them is not so easy.

But by recognizing the importance of our spiritual nature we can integrate LIFE around more constructive and natural procedures;  therefore allowing the “average” person to enjoy a greater measure of good health.

Live and Learn. We All DO.

Thanks for reading. Please pass this along to someone who means something to you.

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Hi. My name is Julia El-Haj. I am a Hall of Fame Athlete, an MBA, Professional Certified Marketer, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, a Specialist in Sports Nutrition and a licensed Real Estate agent. I gave up my "seat at the table" to be home with my 3 children because that's where I was needed most. I blog about everything with Wellness in mind.
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