I Never Knew….

They say that when you can admit that there is so much that you don’t know that you are really able to begin learning.

I don’t know how to explain exactly how I feel at this moment in time.  It’s a little awkward but I find myself asking mothers if they wished they “knew” more before becoming a mother.

I don’t like to use the expression I would have done it differently but I think I would have done it better.  But, then again how would you know now what you didn’t know unless you did it the way you did it?

Life’s a little strange that way –

I asked a friend of mine, if she felt this way, and I think her description of being kicked in the face accurately describes how I feel.

I found a blog written by an old acquaintence of mine, LettersForLucas.  Her experience as a mom and the circumstances in her Life drastically alter her experience as a mother from mine but I came across an  blog entry entitled I Never Knew and was so thankful that so many mother’s feel this way.

But it got me thinking and I wanted to share some of my OWN.


…That laundry never ends (literally)

…That I could get in and out of the car so many times in a day

…I would feel sorry for the family on the plane with the screaming baby

…that organizing play dates is hectic

…that I would think television in the back of the car is a good idea

…that playing outside is not the norm

…that I would need to research so much

…that Target would be my second home

…that a clean house is only possible at 9 pm

…that exercise is essential

…that chaos can be organized

…that I wouldn’t care if you threw up on me in the middle of a crowded restaurant

…that one of my favorite times is having you asleep in my arms

…that I would pay so much for Food

…that planning a family party could trigger anxiety

…that washing the dishes is sometimes therapeutic

…that HomeEconomics is a worthwhile class

…that I could waste so much

…that bugs wouldn’t scare me

…that being dirty meant having fun

…that there really is no “dinner time”

…that it really does take a village to raise a child

…that splitting my attention could be so difficult

…that I could get so frustrated

…that I could love something so much

…that I could feel so much fear

…that letting go is a skill

…that I would change so much

…that I would be tested so often

Please share if you also Never Knew Something after Motherhood…

Live and Learn.  We all Do.

Thanks for reading.  Please pass this on to someone who means something to you.

About julia29

Hi. My name is Julia El-Haj. I am a Hall of Fame Athlete, an MBA, Professional Certified Marketer, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, a Specialist in Sports Nutrition and a licensed Real Estate agent. I gave up my "seat at the table" to be home with my 3 children because that's where I was needed most. I blog about everything with Wellness in mind.
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  1. Zackary says:

    Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance, and I am surprised why this coincidence didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

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