A Father’s Tone

If your house is anything like mine then you can relate to the situation where I am usually at the point of exhaustion, kids screaming in all directions and total chaos is about to ensue.

Then, all of a sudden Dad walks in and says “his “peace” and all things return to their orderly nature.

I have talked to countless moms about this fact and almost everyone I speak to admits the same truth. There is just something powerful about a man’s voice that we as women do not possess.

I think it’s in the way we were designed.

Of course this got me thinking more about the nature of things and just how important the role of the father is.

My husband and I often disagree on whose way is right to “raise” a child.  But in the end we both want what’s best for them so it forces us to come to a new understanding and compromise.

I often hear women who have multiple children go through a phase and it usually is the realization that motherhood is hard WORK.

But, what I have noticed is that being a parent is hard work for both men and women.  But, we “work” much differently.

“I can’t wait to leave him home with the kids, so he can get a taste of what I’m dealing with.”  I’ve heard this a thousand times, and I’m guilty of the same thoughts.

Sadly to say girls, that even if we left him alone with the kids he would manage.

I’ll never forget when I went to the hospital to deliver my third child.  I panicked internally thinking that he would be overwhelmed at taking care of my responsibilities in addition to his.

But sure enough, the kids showed up cuter than ever, to greet me happily in the hospital. Of course, when I came home the house was a different story. But, what mattered was taken care of.

If you look at the science it is proven that men focus better then women and women multi-task better than men.

I had a conversation with a co-worker once and he said that him and his wife often discuss how the other tackles the job of cleaning the house.  He couldn’t comprehend how she could leave things half unfinished throughout the house.  “In all honesty, he said, I clean much better than her.  If my job is to fold the laundry I am going to fold it and put it away and finish it.”  It will take her two days?”  I think he was looking for an explanation. I didn’t have one because I had the same “truth” at my house.

Live and Learn. We all Do.

Thanks for reading.  Please pass this on to someone who means something to you.

About julia29

Hi. My name is Julia El-Haj. I am a Hall of Fame Athlete, an MBA, Professional Certified Marketer, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, a Specialist in Sports Nutrition and a licensed Real Estate agent. I gave up my "seat at the table" to be home with my 3 children because that's where I was needed most. I blog about everything with Wellness in mind.
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