The Doctor…. AKA My Dad

“Let Food be they medicine, medicine be thy Food”.

Words first spoken by the true father of medicine: Imhotep; who inspired the Greeks; Hippocrates the father of “Western Medicine”.

If there’s one thing my family knows something about it’s Health and Fitness.  And, I guess you figured out by now that happiness is of importance to me.  Personally, I think it takes relatively little to make me happy as long as I have my health.  But, again, that’s an everyday struggle; not only for me – but for all of us.

There is a theory out there that happiness is a reflection of your health but I can’t give you a concrete example of what happiness looks like not even for me.  I think that’s an individual thing and something you have to work for.  However, that being said, I do believe that our physical body is the vehicle to help take us there.

“The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.”

Every symptom in your body or challenge in your life is like a mosaic: When standing close to it, the picture is blurry and has no meaning; however, as you move back, you’re able to appreciate how all the colors and pieces merge together to form a beautiful work of art. Every thought, feeling, and belief you have is a piece of your own personal artwork. Each color in the mosaic has meaning, as does every symptom or uncomfortable feeling through which your body speaks. The language it uses to communicate with you is an opportunity for you to heal and create abundance in all areas of your life.

Whether you have emotional or physical symptoms, they are your body’s way of saying, “I’m not happy with how you are treating me.”

Working through the loss is more healing than medicating the pain. It is essential to address the underlying causes and not simply suppress the symptoms. The difficulty is that in our quick fix mentality, we believe that if we can suppress the symptoms then all is well. When we come to see depression not as the enemy but as an expression of struggle, the epidemic will likely subside as we come to honor the integrity of our human spirit.

Healing begins when you love yourself unconditionally. Symptoms are an expression of your denial of the need for self-love. The first step of healing is to completely embrace who you are right now. When you neglect self-love, it’s reflected in your relationship with others, your health, your work, and every other aspect of your life.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this post will be brief. And, it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my Dad aka The Doctor.  That’s him standing at the Apollo temple in Turkey, 2012. He’s 65 years old.

Crazy right?

As an Egyptian born, Biochemist and an Olympian he has proven to our family that we can break the mold and challenge the traditional model of aging and live life with a whole new purpose.

Self-love isn’t self-indulgence, selfishness, or self-centeredness. Self-love requires that you own who you are at this moment, without judgment. True happiness is discovered during the healing process; it’s a by-product of the journey, not the end result.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

If your reality is other than what you’d choose then you can be sure that you’re living a life of reaction and as a result your subconscious mind is helping you to awaken your destiny to whole new you.

The point of power is always in the present moment.  Everyone suffers from self-hatred and guilt. The bottom line for everyone is, “I’m not good enough.”  It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.  We create every so-called illness in our body.

Resentment, criticism, and guilt are the most damaging patterns.  Releasing resentment will dissolve even cancer.  We must release the past and forgive everyone.  We must be willing to being to learn to love ourselves.

Remember at every phase of Life the one thing you will have with you is your body.  Treat it well and it will take you where you need to go.  To enable you to unlock your true potential and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. In the end, of course, it’s not just about your body. It’s about your mind and soul.

When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.

Live and Learn.  We all do.

Thanks for Reading.  Please pass this on to someone who means something to you.

About julia29

Hi. My name is Julia El-Haj. I am a Hall of Fame Athlete, an MBA, Professional Certified Marketer, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, a Specialist in Sports Nutrition and a licensed Real Estate agent. I gave up my "seat at the table" to be home with my 3 children because that's where I was needed most. I blog about everything with Wellness in mind.
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